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Information from potato sowing to digging

Information from potato sowing to digging

लेखक - Soumya Priyam | 3/9/2020

Potato is one of the most important crops. Apart from Kerala and Tamil Nadu, potato is cultivated all over India. To get a good crop of potato, it is necessary for the farmers to know about its sowing, irrigation, digging etc.

  • For potato cultivation, loamy loamy soil containing biomass is best.

  • Select fields with good drainage for its cultivation.

  • Take special care that the seeds used for sowing are disease free.

  • Improved varieties of seeds free from disease and infection give good yield of potato.

  • The best time for sowing is from the last week of September to the third week of October.

  • At the time of last plowing of the field before sowing, 35 kg urea, 80-90 kg DAP and 60 kg potash per acre should be used.

  • Mixed farming can also be done by planting a crop like wheat between two rows of potatoes.

  • Seed tubers must be treated before sowing.

  • First irrigation should be given one week after sowing.

  • For weed control, 200 g Metribuzin 70% WP or Pendimethalin 30% EC at the rate of 400-500 ml per acre should be used for weed control before seed germination.

  • Irrigation should be done at an interval of about 8 to 10 days after the first irrigation.

  • There is a lot of cold on its crop. Due to the wetness of the soil, the effect of cold is less, so it should be irrigated when the cold increases.

  • Irrigation should be stopped about two weeks before digging.

  • When the leaves of the plants start turning yellow, it should be excavated.

  • The yield of potatoes depends on their different varieties.

  • About 300 to 350 quintals of potato can be obtained from normal varieties and about 350 to 600 quintals of hybrid varieties from per hectare of land.

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