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Increase the yield of radish

Increase the yield of radish

लेखक - Surendra Kumar Chaudhari | 3/5/2020

Radish is cultivated in all regions of India. It is used as a vegetable and salad. For a good yield of radish, it is necessary to keep some things in mind.

  • For good yield, loamy soil rich in organic matter, sandy loam soil is considered good.

  • Roots of radish are not able to develop in the matiyar soil, so cultivation should not be done in such soil.

  • 10 to 17 degree Celsius temperature is best for its good yield.

  • Its roots go deep into the soil, so deep plowing should be done in the fields.

  • About 4-5 kg of seeds are required per acre of land.

  • Its sowing time depends on the variety. Some varieties are sown in January-February. Some varieties are sown between April-August. At the same time, there are many such types whose sowing is done in November-December.

  • It is sown in beds. There should be a distance of about 45 cm from one bed to the other.

  • The distance of the plants from the plants should be kept 7.5 cm.

  • For good yield, seeds should be sown in the soil at a depth of 1.5 cm.

  • Give first irrigation after sowing.

  • Irrigate at 6-7 days interval during summer season.

  • Irrigation is required at intervals of 10 to 12 days in cold season.

  • The yield can be increased by sprinkling manure or compost in the fields.

  • According to different varieties, the crop is ready in about 25 to 60 days after sowing.

  • When the crop is ready, it is uprooted by hand and the crop is obtained.

  • Normally 200 to 350 quintals of crop is obtained per hectare of land.

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