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Increase in India's Basmati rice production due to accelerating monsoon

Increase in India's Basmati rice production due to accelerating monsoon

लेखक - Dr. Pramod Murari | 20/8/2020

According to the Association of Rice Exporters, the production of Basmati rice in India this year is likely to be 7 percent higher than last year.

Talking about the figures, last year India produced 7.5 million tonnes of Basmati rice. It is expected to produce 8 million tonnes of rice this year due to an increase in per acre.

Vijay Sethia, former president of the All India Rice Export Association, said that due to the exodus of migrant workers due to corona virus and lockdown this year, there was a possibility of delay in sowing work. The effect of which could be clearly seen on the yield. But with the help of local laborers and the return of migrant workers, the sowing process has been completed.

According to Vinod Kaul, Executive Director, All India Rice Export Association, the production of Basmati rice will be higher this year, which is good for the industry. Taking the matter further, he said that domestic consumption of Basmati rice is increasing. At the same time, new opportunities are emerging for exports. India is getting export orders from Middle-East countries like Saudi Arabia and Iraq as well as East European countries. Countries badly affected by Kovid-19 like Italy, London are also placing orders for export of rice.

India exports 4.4 to 4.5 million tonnes of basmati rice every year, with a major share going to Iran. Gradually the export markets are opening up. With the opening of the export market, it is also expected that from the month of September, Basmati rice will start coming in the market.

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