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Improved varieties of Petha

Improved varieties of Petha

लेखक - Soumya Priyam | 29/3/2021

Petha is low in calories, so it is beneficial for diabetic patients. Apart from this, its consumption is also beneficial in the treatment of constipation, acidity and intestinal worms. It is mostly used in making petha (sweets). Before the cultivation of this crop, which is ready in just 4 months, get information about some of its improved varieties from here.

Some Improved Varieties of Petha

  • CO 1: This variety can be cultivated in both seasons. About 120 days after sowing the seeds start producing fruits. Each fruit weighs from 7 to 10 kg. The crop yields up to 120 quintals per acre of land.

  • Kashi Ujjwal: Fruits of this variety are round in shape. The fruits are ready to ripen 115 to 120 days after sowing the seeds. Each fruit weighs about 12 kg. The crop can be obtained from 220 to 240 quintals per acre of field.

  • Arko Chandan: The storage capacity of this variety is high. This variety is cultivated more for its raw fruits. Vegetables are made from its raw fruits. The fruit is ready to ripen about 130 days after sowing the seeds. The crop yields up to 140 quintals per acre of land.

  • Coimbatore 1: This variety is suitable for late sowing. Each fruit weighs 7 to 8 kg. It is used for making both vegetables and sweets. The crop yields up to 120 quintals per acre of land.

We hope this information will prove to be important for you. If you liked this information, then like this post and also share it with other farmers. So that other farmer friends can also get better crop by cultivating these varieties of petha. Ask us your questions related to petha cultivation through comments.

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