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Important work to be done in the litchi orchard in the month of June

Important work to be done in the litchi orchard in the month of June

लेखक - Lohit Baisla | 3/6/2021

Sweet and juicy litchi is one of our favorite fruits. Rich in nutrients like carbohydrate, fat, protein, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, etc., litchi is very beneficial for our health.

Regular care of litchi plants and orchards is necessary to get good yield and high quality fruits of litchi. Let us, through this post, get information about the work to be done in the litchi orchard in the month of June.

  • If you have not yet plucked the fruits, then pluck them when the peels of the fruits turn red.

  • Prune the trees after the fruit has been harvested.

  • Cut off twigs going out from the spread of the tree. Due to this, proper amount of sunlight will be available in the garden and the movement of air will also happen smoothly.

  • Cut and isolate dry twigs along with twigs affected by various pests. This makes it easier to prevent the pest from spreading.

  • It is necessary to destroy weeds in the garden. For this, do light tillage in the field. Be sure to plant a pad after plowing.

  • After the first rain, set the distance of rounding corresponding to the branches of the fully grown plants. After this, prepare pits with a depth of 18 to 20 cm in the distance covered.

  • 50 to 60 kg cow dung per plant, 350 g humino, 200 g country starter, 1 kg DAP. And fill in the pits by mixing 600 grams of potash (MOP).

  • If the orchard is deficient in moisture, apply light irrigation after filling the pits. This makes it easier for plants to absorb nutrients.

  • If you want to cultivate some other crops along with litchi, then at this time you can sow crops like cowpea, maize, sunai, dhaincha, etc.

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We hope this information will prove to be important for you. If you liked this information, then like this post and also share it with other farmers. So that other farmer friends can also take good care of litchi orchard. Ask us your questions related to this through comments.

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