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If you have to cultivate paddy, then know these major varieties

If you have to cultivate paddy, then know these major varieties

लेखक - Lohit Baisla | 7/5/2020

Higher yields can be obtained by using improved varieties for paddy cultivation. Before cultivating it, you can see information about improved varieties of paddy from here. Paddy is mainly divided into 5 varieties – early varieties, medium duration varieties, long duration varieties, hybrid varieties and Basmati varieties.

Early Varieties: The crop of this variety matures sooner than other varieties.

  • Saket-4: This type of long grain paddy takes 110-115 days to get ready. The height of its plants is 90-95 cm. The crop yield is 35 to 40 quintals per hectare.

  • Pusa - 2 - 21: The height of this variety of plants is about 90-95 cm. After planting, the crop is ready in 105 to 110 days. Its grains are medium in size and thick. 40-45 quintal crop is obtained per hectare of land.

  • Pusa-33: Plants of this variety are 85-90 cm tall with mild fragrant and fine long grain. The crop is ready for harvesting in about 100- 115 days. A yield of 30-35 quintals of paddy is given per hectare of field.

Medium duration varieties: This variety of paddy takes medium time to mature.

  • Pant paddy-10: Apart from Bundelkhand, it can be cultivated in all the plains of Uttar Pradesh. After transplanting this variety , the crop is ready for maturity in 110 to 115 days. On an average, 55-65 quintals of crop is yielded per hectare of field.

  • Pant paddy-12: Due to high yield, it is included in the favorite varieties of farmers, it yields 55 to 60 quintals per hectare. It takes 115 to 120 days for the crop to become ready.

Long duration varieties: Paddy crops involved in this variety take longer time to mature.

  • Mahsuri: The height of this variety of paddy plants is 130-140 cm. Its grains are of medium size. It takes 145-150 days for the crop to become ready. It gives 40 to 45 quintal yield per hectare.

Apart from this, there are many more improved varieties of paddy. In which Bala, Kaveri, Birsa paddy, Archana, Sita, Jaya, Rajshree , Pankaj, Jagannath, Radha, Jayshree, Brown Goda 23-19, IR-36, M.W.-10, Indira Sona, Narendra paddy - 86, Pusa- (44 169, 205), PA- (6444, 6201, 6219), Malviya, PNR- (381, 162), Narendra (97, 359), Kasturi- 385, RH- 1531 Contains many varieties, Basmati Tarawadi etc.

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