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How to take care of mango in the month of February?

How to take care of mango in the month of February?

लेखक - Surendra Kumar Chaudhari | 8/2/2021

In many areas, mango trees start appearing in the month of February. This month requires special attention to get good yield of mango. At this time, due to the change in weather, there is an outbreak of many types of pests and diseases. If they are not controlled in time, they may have to face heavy losses. In such a situation, to get more yield of high quality, follow the things mentioned here.

  • Irrigate the garden to maintain the moisture content of the soil.

  • Irrigate after the fruits appear in the scene. Irrigation is also necessary at the time of fruit development.

  • Irrigate in proper amount. Do not allow water logging.

  • Clean the garden regularly. Remove weeds, dry leaves and broken branches from the garden.

  • Do not use insecticides and fungicides after the trees have appeared.

  • Spraying of insecticide will kill the flies and there will be moisture on the scene. Due to this pollination is not possible.

  • During this time the risk of infestation of hopper pests in mango crop increases. These pests damage the leaves and suck the sap of the manjar. The trees do not bear fruit when the outbreak progresses. To control this pest, spray 50 ml country hawk in 150 liters of water.

  • There is also a possibility of powdery mildew in mango trees. To control it, sprinkle 2 grams of soluble sulfur per liter of water.

  • After the sighting, keep boxes of bees in the gardens. This leads to better pollination and more fruits are produced in the trees.

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We hope this information will prove to be important for you. If you liked this information, then like this post and also share it with other farmers. So that other farmer friends can also get good yield of mango through this information. Ask us your questions related to this through comments.

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