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How to build a dairy shed and what to keep in mind?

How to build a dairy shed and what to keep in mind?

लेखक - Lohit Baisla | 7/6/2021

There are many things you need to know before starting animal husbandry. These also include information on the construction of housing for animals. The health of animals living in clean and comfortable accommodation is also good. Which has a direct effect on milk production. Therefore, a clean and airy sound should be created for the milch animals. Let us get to know some of the essentials for building a dairy shed.

How to build a dairy shed?

There are mainly three types of dairy farms. These include open dairy farms, closed dairy farms and semi-open dairy farms.

  • Open Dairy Farm: For its construction, a wall is built around the selected place for the housing of the animals. The animals are left open by making arrangements for food and drink inside it. More space is required for setting up an open dairy farm. Animals are not kept tied up in such housing, so the animals get more rest. However, it is not possible to feed all the animals separately in this habitat. As a result, the animals that come in the head start harassing other animals.

  • Closed Dairy Farm: In this type of farm, animals are kept in captivity and food and drink are also given to all the animals separately. The space requirement is less in the construction of this house. It is easier to locate sick animals in closed housing. The cost of construction of such dairy farm is high.

  • Semi Open Dairy Farm: This type of housing is most useful for the cattle rearers. In semi-open habitats, animals roam freely most of the time. Animals are tied only at the time of milking and at the time of treatment. Meaning that some part of the open housing remains open and some such is covered. Small calves or calves and calves are kept in a separate covered space. Along with this, a covered space is also constructed to keep the food given to the animals. One part of the semi-open housing is covered and three parts remain open.

Keep these things in mind at the time of construction of dairy shed

  • Always choose a flat location for the dairy shed.

  • The housing of the animals should be at a slight height as compared to other places. So that the situation of water logging does not arise when it rains.

  • There should be proper drainage system in the animal house.

  • The accommodation should be clean.

  • It is also necessary to have air movement and sunlight in the animal's habitat.

  • Dairy shed should be near the animal husbandry's residence so that there is no difficulty in carrying milk, giving fodder and water to the animals.

  • Also take special care of the availability of electricity and water in the animal housing.

  • To maintain cleanliness in the animal house, do regular cleaning of animal dung, urine, eating utensils or sound etc.

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