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Hot paddy crop should not be destroyed by Khaira disease

Hot paddy crop should not be destroyed by Khaira disease

लेखक - Surendra Kumar Chaudhari | 4/4/2021

The outbreak of Khaira disease in paddy crop is more in the Terai regions of North India, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab and West Bengal. Due to this disease, there can be a huge reduction in the yield of the crop. If you are cultivating hot paddy, then to save the crop from Khaira disease, see the causes, symptoms and control methods of this disease from here.

cause of Khaira's disease

  • Khaira disease arises due to the deficiency of zinc in the soil.

Symptoms of Khaira disease

  • Light yellow spots appear on the leaves of the affected plants.

  • As the disease progresses, the color of the spots changes. The raised yellow spots on the leaves turn dark brown.

  • The roots of affected plants also turn brown in colour.

  • Plant growth is hindered and plants remain stunted.

How to control Khaira disease?

  • To meet the amount of zinc in plants, use 3 to 4 kg of countryside organic zinc per acre of land.

  • To control this disease, sprinkle 2 kg zinc sulphate and 1 kg slaked lime in 400 liters of water. This quantity is given per acre of land.

  • If slaked lime is not available, use 2% urea.

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We hope this information will prove to be important for you. If you liked this information, then like our post and also share it with other farmers. So that other farmer friends can also save the hot paddy crop from Khaira disease. Ask us your questions related to this through comments.

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