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Hemoglobinuria / red water / bloody urine

Hemoglobinuria / red water / bloody urine

लेखक - Lohit Baisla | 20/1/2021

Hemoglobinuria / red water / blood peeing after calving

Hemoglobinuria, also known as hypophosphatemia, is a major disease in healthy and milk-producing cows and buffaloes. It is a metabolic disease in which excess hemoglobin in the blood is broken down or destroyed through the kidneys into the urine. Loss of excessive amount of hemoglobin leads to anemia. Usually this can happen during 2 to 4 weeks after giving birth to milch cows and buffaloes. In India, this disease is found more in buffaloes, which in common language is called "Lhu Mutna". In this disease, most of the milch animals die due to lack of proper treatment on time due to severe deficiency of hemoglobin.

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