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Happy Seeder: Wheat sowing will be easy with stubble management, know its benefits

Happy Seeder: Wheat sowing will be easy with stubble management, know its benefits

लेखक - Surendra Kumar Chaudhari | 30/7/2021

Keeping in mind the increasing pollution, burning of paddy crop residue is strictly prohibited in our country. In such a situation, sowing of maize after the harvesting of paddy is not less than a big problem for the farmers. The farmer has to work hard to remove the paddy straw. Sometimes wheat sowing is also delayed due to stubble management. In such a situation, Happy Seeder Agricultural Machinery is a better option for the farmers cultivating wheat. If you are not yet aware of this Happy Seeder Krishi Yantra then read this post carefully. Let us get to know about the Happy Seeder in detail through this post.

What is Happy Seeder?

  • Happy Seeder is a combination of rotor and zero tillage drill.

  • Wheat can be sown directly by this agricultural machine without removing the stubble from the field or burning it.

How does Happy Seeder work?

  • The Rotavator unit is installed in the front side of the Happy Seeder, which presses the paddy straw into the soil and prepares the beds in the field.

  • Along with this, zero tillage machine has been installed in it, so that wheat can be sown without plowing the field.

  • In this device, two boxes are made in which fertilizer and seed are filled separately.

  • It is driven with tractor.

Benefits of using Happy Seeder

  • About 6 to 8 acres of land can be sown in 1 day by Happy Seeder Agricultural Machinery.

  • Wheat can be sown easily by this machine at low cost.

  • The pollution caused by stubble burning is reduced.

  • Sowing by this method reduces the problem of weeds in the field.

  • The fertilizer capacity of the soil increases.

  • Sowing by Happy Seeder with zero tillage method also saves water at the time of irrigation.

  • The cost of plowing the field is reduced.

  • We can increase or decrease the depth of the middle as per our requirement.

  • Along with saving time, effort is also less.

  • According to some reports, sowing with Happy Seeder Machine saves about Rs 5,000 per acre of farmland.

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We hope this information will prove to be important for you. If you liked this information, then like this post and also share it with other farmers. So that this information can reach more and more farmers. Ask us your questions related to this through comments. Stay connected with the countryside for other interesting information related to animal husbandry and agriculture.

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