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Girdling in Litchi orchard: Remedy for continuous fruiting

Girdling in Litchi orchard: Remedy for continuous fruiting

लेखक - Surendra Kumar Chaudhari | 4/9/2020

It is very necessary to take care of litchi plants in the month of September. By girdling the plants at this time, we can get better yield of litchi in the coming season. If you are not aware of girdling, then from here you can see the benefits of girdling and its process.

What is Girdling?

  • The process of making a ring by removing the bark from litchi plants is called girdling.

  • In this process, for regular flowering and fruiting in litchi plants, three-fourths of the primary branches of the plants are 3 mm wide and 3 mm deep, by removing the bark in a circular shape to form a ring or ring.

Best time for girdling

  • Do girdling in royal variety plants in the last week of August.

  • Whereas in China varieties, girdling should be done in the first week of September.

benefits of girdling

  • The twigs and flowers of the plants grow well.

  • By making a ring, the possibility of always getting a spot in the twigs becomes stronger and the sweetness of the fruit increases.

how to girdling

  • In the primary branches of litchi plants, three-fourths above the ground, the bark of the plants is removed by cutting 2 to 3 mm wide in size.

  • It is necessary to do girdling in the litchi tree every year.

  • Girdling is done about 1.5 inches above the previous year's girdling.

  • Next year make the girdling 1.5 inches above the location you made this year.

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