Field preparation for green peas

Author : Soumya Priyam

Pea is one of the major pulse crops cultivated in Rabi. It is mainly cultivated in Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Karnataka. In the hills of North India, it can be cultivated in summer and autumn season also. Field preparation is very important for a good crop of peas. If the field preparation is not done properly then crop yield may decrease. Get information about field preparation for pea cultivation from here.

Time of sowing

  • September-October is the best month for sowing it.

  • In high mountainous areas it can be sown in the month of March to June also.

farm selection

  • Matiyar loam soil and loamy soil is most suitable for cultivation of peas.

  • Apart from this, it can also be cultivated in sandy loam soil.

  • The pH level of the soil should be 6.5 to 7.5.

farm preparation

  • First of all, do deep plowing 1 time with soil turning plow.

  • After this, 2 to 3 times light plowing is done by country plow or cultivator.

  • After plowing, make sure that the soil of the field is friable and level.

  • Do not allow water logging in the field. Arrange for proper drainage.

  • Along with this, keep in mind that there is no shortage of moisture in the field.

  • Irrigate the field once before sowing. This will make germination easier.

  • Add 4 to 5 tonnes of cow dung or compost manure per acre of field.

  • Spray 20 kg nitrogen and 25 kg phosphorus per acre of field.

  • Keep the field free from weeds.

By preparing the field in the manner described in this post, you can get a better crop of peas.

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21 September 2021


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