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Farmer uncle's vaccination knowledge

Farmer uncle's vaccination knowledge

लेखक - Lohit Baisla | 11/5/2021

Corona corona is enough, now it is the turn of vaccination,
Today I will share with you all the experiences of my own vaccination.

When I saw people registering for vaccination on TV, I also picked up the phone and started registering on the Kovin app. In the beginning twice due to server busy I could not register but in the third time I got success and I felt like I have won the longest race of my life, but the second moment I remember the fear of social media rumors. I was shocked because the things I was getting about after getting the vaccine there were very frightening. I immediately called a friend of mine who had got the vaccine week days ago and tried to get all the information from him and he also told that it is good to get the vaccine and all these things I am hearing are just rumours. It is also not true, so feel free to go and get the vaccine. Still, there was confusion in my mind, the same things were revolving in my mind again and again that after getting the vaccine, the health gets worse and there is a risk of getting corona by going to the center. Well in some way he started preparing himself for vaccination and started thinking that

lonely rahi, will walk his own path
Whatever happens now, will be seen.

Next day I reached the center on time. To protect myself from the danger of corona, I had put on a double mask, shield, gloves and cap.

When Rahiman leave the house, put on mask, shield and gloves,
Don't know in what disguise, Corona may come to meet you.

And to avoid the sun and heat, an umbrella, a bottle of water and aadhar card to verify your identity was also kept with you.
After waiting in the queue for a while at the center, my vaccination number also came. I was very scared The doctor told me to relax by drinking water before the vaccination. I drank water and relaxed myself with deep, long breaths. When the doctor saw that I was very scared, he wanted to know the reason for fear from me, then I told him about the heat, fever, body ache that increases inside the body after vaccination, then he explained to me. He said that the heat in our body is just like welcoming a new guest in the family. Just as we welcome the new guest with warm enthusiasm, our body welcomes the vaccine with warmth, do not be afraid of this, some people suffer from fever and body pain after vaccination, but it takes two to four days to take medicine. It goes well.
In a matter of words, when he vaccinated me, I came to know this when I felt like an ant bite. Had a comfortable meal at night and also watched a comedy film with family.
While sleeping in the middle of the night, I felt that the body was getting heavy and I was also feeling fever, so I took out the medicine given by the doctor and ate it. The next day there was a slight lethargy in the body, so I took rest for the whole day and went to sleep again at night after taking medicine. After two days I was feeling completely refreshed and I started doing office work with double zeal. I'm back to my normal routine.

I have got the vaccine, I have fulfilled my responsibility
Now it's your turn, only then this epidemic will end.

That is why we are giving invaluable knowledge to our entire countryside family.
Got the vaccine, only then your life will be saved.

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