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Excellent benefits of mulching in vegetable crop, yield will increase

Excellent benefits of mulching in vegetable crop, yield will increase

लेखक - Dr. Pramod Murari | 14/3/2021

Due to lack of information, farmers are not able to get proper yields despite making many efforts. Even if the yield is good, sometimes the quality of fruits or vegetables decreases. There can be many reasons for this, including weed overgrowth, spoilage of fruits adjacent to the ground surface, weather changes, etc. 'Mulching' is a better option to save the crop from all these troubles. In addition to plastic, mulching can also be done with dry grass. If you cultivate watermelon, melon, chilli, tomato etc. then this article will be very beneficial for you. Here you can get information about the benefits of applying mulching.

What are the benefits of applying mulching?

  • Plants are protected from strong winds and rain.

  • The soil feels less sunlight. Due to which the moisture of the soil is maintained.

  • Soil erosion due to rain and strong winds is reduced.

  • Plastic mulching keeps the soil warm even at night. Due to which the germination of seeds and the development of roots of plants is good.

  • The chances of growing weeds are reduced.

  • The use of plastic mulching increases the yield.

  • The soil of the field is not hard.

  • When it rains, the water droplets collect on the lower surface of the mulching sheet and get to the plants. Due to which water is saved during irrigation.

  • The fruits do not get spoiled by sticking to the surface of the ground.

  • After some time the mulching done with dry grass starts to rot and become compost. Due to which the fertilizer capacity of the field also increases.

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