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Author : Surendra Kumar Chaudhari

Whether it is grain or vegetables, there is a decrease in the yield of crops when there is a problem of weeds. Due to the greater distance between the plants, weeds are more in vegetable crops than in other crops. When weeds occur in the vegetable crop, the plants do not get the proper amount of nutrients. This directly affects the yield and quality of vegetables. If you are cultivating vegetables, then you can get information about weed control from here.

  • Sometimes the seeds of some weeds are also present in the seeds of vegetables. Therefore, always take seeds from a certified seed store or institution.

  • Some weeds have tubers or roots deep in the ground. Therefore, while preparing the field, do deep plowing once.

  • Do not use soil or sand from weed affected areas in your field.

  • Do weeding and hoeing in the field at intervals of some time. Weeding is a better option to control weeds.

  • Keep the bunds and drains of the field free from weeds.

  • Follow crop rotation. The problem of weeds is also reduced by adopting crop rotation.

  • Irrigate by drip method. After irrigating with this method, water only goes to the roots of the plants and the surrounding land remains dry. Due to which the problem of weed removal is reduced.

  • Mulching is a better option to control weeds in vegetable crops.

  • To control broad-leaf weeds, sprinkle 1 ml stamp per liter of water in the field after sowing and before germination.

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21 September 2021


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