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Disease Control for Maize Crop

Disease Control for Maize Crop

लेखक - Dr. Pramod Murari | 28/4/2020

If you are thinking of cultivating maize, then know about the diseases in maize crop. These diseases can cause great damage to your crop. By spraying the medicines given in this post, you can get rid of various diseases occurring in maize.

  • Strip blight disease: In this disease, long brown spots are formed on the leaves. Starting from the lower leaves, the disease spreads to the upper leaves. To avoid this disease, mixing 2 grams of Dithane Z-78 in one liter of water should be sprayed.

  • Downy Mildew: The leaves of plants affected by this disease become streaked and the leaves look like white cotton. This also stops the growth of plants. Mixing Dithane M45 in water and spraying it 3-4 times gives relief from this disease.

  • Stem rot: The stems of plants affected by this disease start rotting and the leaves turn yellow and dry up. To avoid this disease, mix 150 grams of Captan in 100 liters of water and apply it on the roots.

  • Rust disease: Red and brown blisters appear on the leaves in this disease. To avoid this disease, spray 15 ml propiconazole in 15 liters of water.

  • Milduromil aceta disease: In this disease, light green or yellow stripes are formed on the leaves. As the disease progresses, these stripes turn red. On showing the symptoms of this disease, spraying of 15 liters of water with 30 grams of Metalaxyl and Mancozeb should be done at an interval of about 10 days.

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