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Countryside Sampoorna: A gift for the farmers cultivating paddy

Countryside Sampoorna: A gift for the farmers cultivating paddy

लेखक - Surendra Kumar Chaudhari | 2/6/2021

Paddy is cultivated on a large scale during the Kharif season. From sowing of paddy to harvesting, farmers have to face many problems. Farmers do not get fertilizer at the right time. At the same time, it also happens that due to the outbreak of some diseases and pests, the quality and yield of paddy decreases and as a result the farmers have to face loss instead of profit.

To overcome this problem of farmers, countryside is a better solution. Countryside is a complete seed to market package, under which you are given all the information from the method of preparing the field for paddy cultivation to harvesting. Along with this, you are provided with high quality seeds, proper amount of fertilizers and pesticides at the right time. By which you will be able to get higher quality crop and higher yield. Not only this, now you can also sell your crop directly to the countryside after harvesting at a reasonable price. Hua Na Country A complete package from whole seed to market.

Purpose of Countryside Sampoorna Scheme:

  • increase production per acre

  • increase in crop quality

  • sale of crops at reasonable prices

Advantages of Countryside Sampoorna Scheme:

  • Soil quality testing and improvement

  • Improved varieties of seeds, manures and fertilizers

  • Farm expert advice and field visits

  • Crop diseases and pests

If we talk about the year 2020, the farmers cultivating wheat and maize last year under the countryside have benefited a lot from it.

Farmers got this benefit under Dehat Sampoorna:

  • Farmers cultivating wheat and maize were provided fertilizers, seeds and pesticides at the right time under Dehat Sampoorna.

  • Farmers can avail the facility of free agricultural advice from agricultural scientists through just a call or through a mobile app.

  • Farmers were also given the facility of insurance on sprouted seeds.

Things to note:

  • Farmers can voluntarily decide to join this scheme.

  • For more details of Dehat Sampoorna contact on toll free number 1800 1036 110.

We hope this information will prove to be important for you. If you found this information necessary, then like this post and also share it with other farmers. So that other farmer friends can also get proper benefits by joining the entire scheme in the countryside. Ask us your questions related to this through comments. Stay connected with the countryside for other interesting information related to animal husbandry and agriculture.

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