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Complete information about Pro Tray Nursery

Complete information about Pro Tray Nursery

लेखक - Soumya Priyam | 14/9/2020

For advanced agriculture, it is necessary to use modern techniques. Today we have brought information about one such modern technology for you. Read this post carefully to know Pro Tray Nursery and its benefits.

What is Pro Tray Nursery?

  • You do not need land to prepare nursery with this method.

  • The method of preparing nursery in plastic tray is called Pro Tray Nursery.

  • Soil is not used in this method. Therefore, there is no risk of soil borne diseases in the plants.

  • In Pro Tray Nursery, a mixture of cocopeat and vermiculite is mixed with compost or cow dung.

  • After this the seeds are planted in all the pits made in the tray.

  • Irrigation is done through spray method.

Advantages of Pro Tray Nursery

  • Seed germination is 100% successful in Pro Tray. If a nursery is prepared in the field, then only 50 to 60 percent of the seeds germinate.

  • Seed germination is better.

  • This method reduces the cost of nursery preparation and ease of maintenance.

  • The problem of tillage of the field is also removed while preparing Pro Tray Nursery.

  • This nursery can be easily picked up and kept in a safe place when the weather changes.

  • There is no weed problem in this nursery.

  • Along with this there is no risk of diseases and pests.

  • Counting plants is easy in the Pre Tray Nursery. With this we can prepare a certain number of plants according to our requirement.

  • Root breakage is not a problem when removing plants from the Pre Tray Nursery.

If you found this information necessary, then like our post and also share it with other farmers. Ask us your questions related to this through comments.

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