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Chili stem rot due to fungus

Chili stem rot due to fungus

लेखक - Soumya Priyam | 29/9/2020

Vegetables and many other dishes look tasteless without chillies. That is why we all have the presence of chillies in some form or the other in our homes. It is cultivated in almost all areas of India. For its good yield, it is very important to protect it from many diseases. One of which is hematopoietic disease. This disease is also known as dumping off. Read this post completely to know about the causes, symptoms and prevention of this disease.

cause of disease

  • It is a fungal disease caused by the salt fungus Pythium aphanidermatus.

  • The risk of getting this disease is high in nurseries.

  • Plants also start rotting due to water logging in nursery.

  • High temperature is favorable for this disease.

symptom of disease

  • Stems adjacent to the ground surface become soft.

  • After some time the stem of the plants starts rotting.

  • As the disease progresses, the plants dry up and fall.

preventive measures

  • To avoid this disease, make proper drainage system in the nursery.

  • Do not plant too many plants in the nursery.

  • It is necessary to treat the seed before sowing.

  • Treat the seed with 1 gm Carbendazim per kg of seed.

  • Seeds per kg can also be treated with 3 gm Thiram or Captan.

  • Apart from this, spraying can also be done by adding 2 grams of Captan per liter of water.

By adopting the measures given in this post, you can save the chilli plants from rot. If you found this information important, then like this post and also share it with other farmers. Ask us related questions through comments.

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