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Best time to plant Fig Plants

Best time to plant Fig Plants

लेखक - Surendra Kumar Chaudhari | 22/8/2020

Figs are also known as Manjula, Dumur and Fig in different regions of the country. Its fruits are eaten as fresh fruit as well as dried and eaten like dry fruits. Today we will talk about the suitable time, soil and climate for planting plants for the cultivation of many nutrient-rich figs.

print time

  • July-August is the best month for transplanting new plants.

  • Apart from this, transplanting of plants can also be done in the month of December-January.

soil and climate

  • It can be cultivated in almost all areas of India.

  • Cultivation in warm climate gives good yields.

  • Extreme cold weather is harmful to plants.

  • Plant growth stops when the temperature is below 20 °C.

  • Well drained loamy soil and clay loam soil are best for its cultivation.

  • The pH level of the soil should be 7 to 8.

  • It can be cultivated successfully even in less fertile land.

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