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Best time and varieties for Guar pod cultivation

Best time and varieties for Guar pod cultivation

लेखक - Lohit Baisla | 21/5/2020

Guar pod cultivation can prove beneficial for the farmers. Guar pods are used for green pods (for vegetables ), green fodder, green manure and grains. Being a good source of protein and fiber, it is used as fodder for livestock. So should know about the suitable time for its sowing and some improved varieties.

Suitable time for sowing

  • Guar pods are cultivated in the summer season and in the rainy season.

  • For cultivation in summer season, sowing should be done in the first week of mid-February to March.

  • The months of June and July are the most suitable time for sowing the rainy season crop.

  • In rainfed areas, sowing is done in the first week of July or with the arrival of the rainy season.

improved varieties

Its varieties are mainly divided into 3 parts.

  • For grains: If you are cultivating guar pods for grains, then cultivate varieties like Durgapur Safed, Maru Guar, Durgajay, FS-277, Early Guar-111, RGC-197, RGC-417 and RGC-986. .

  • For green beans: If you are cultivating guar pods for green beans, then Sharad Bahar, Pusa Evergreen, Pusa Navbahar, Pusa Mausami, Goma Manjari, IC-1388, M-83 and P-28-1-1 etc. Cultivation of varieties will prove beneficial for you.

  • For Green Fodder : If you want to get green fodder from Guar pod cultivation then you can go for Guar Revolution, Bundel Guar-1, Bundel Guar- 2, Bundel Guar-3, Maize Guar, HFG-119, Gora-80 and RI -2395-2 etc. varieties can be cultivated.

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