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Benefits of using compost manure

Benefits of using compost manure

लेखक - Surendra Kumar Chaudhari | 24/7/2020

Compost manure is prepared from fruit peels, straw, leaves, dung and other wastes. It is also known as organic manure. It can be prepared at very low cost. No special test is required to prepare it. There are many benefits of compost manure. From here you can get information about the benefits of using compost manure.

  • Its use increases the fertilizer power of the soil in a very short time.

  • Its use increases the water holding capacity of the soil.

  • Due to less irrigation requirement, the cost of irrigation is also less.

  • Due to the nutrients available from compost manure, the growth of plants increases.

  • The quality of crops is better when this manure is used in the field.

  • The barren land also becomes fertile due to continuous use of this manure for many years.

  • No chemicals are used while preparing this compost. Therefore, the use of this manure does not harm the environment either.

  • Due to no use of chemicals, there is no bad effect on health.

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