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Benefits of installing sticky traps

Benefits of installing sticky traps

लेखक - Lohit Baisla | 13/2/2021

To protect the crops from various pests, farmers use many types of harmful insecticides. Due to which along with our crops, our health is also affected. The cost of using pesticides is also high. If precautions are not taken while using insecticides, it can lead to many side-effects. In such a situation, the use of sticky traps is a better option for the farmers. Let us discuss about sticky traps in a little detail.

What is Sticky Trap?

  • A sticky trap is a thin sheet with a sticky substance attached to it. It comes in many colors like yellow, blue, black, white. Various insects get attracted by these colors and come towards it and get stuck.

Benefits of installing sticky traps

  • Various pests can be easily controlled.

  • There is a reduction in crop damage by 40 to 50 percent.

  • It costs less than pesticides.

  • Pesticides reduce the damage caused to crops and soil.

  • The cost of labor for spraying insecticides is reduced.

Which color sticky trap to use?

  • Yellow sticky trap: It is used more in vegetable crops. Its use can be used to control insects like white fly, aphid, leaf miner, etc.

  • Blue Sticky Trap: Use it to control thrips pest that sucks juice of many flowers and vegetables along with paddy.

  • Black Sticky Trap: It is used to control pests of tomato.

  • White Sticky Trap: Use it to control fly beetle pest and bug pests on fruits and vegetables.

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