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Benefits of Shivansh compost and the method of its preparation

Benefits of Shivansh compost and the method of its preparation

लेखक - Lohit Baisla | 23/12/2020

Shivansh compost is a high quality compost prepared at very low cost. It also takes less time to prepare. We can prepare this compost in just 18 days. Using this manure will reduce the cost of fertilizers. In addition, the yield of crops will also increase. See the benefits of using Shivansh compost and the method of preparing it from here.

Benefits of using Shivansh compost

  • Fertilizer expenditure is reduced.

  • The yield of crops increases.

  • The soil of the field is more fertile.

  • Water requirement is less during irrigation.

  • Increases disease resistance in crops.

  • Urea, DAP, MOP, etc. are not required in the field.

  • Plants do not require chemical fertilizers.

  • Less material makes good compost.

  • The use of this manure does not cause any harm to the soil and environment of the field.

Ingredients needed to prepare Shivansh compost

  • This manure is made from the main three types of material - dry material, green grass and cow dung.

  • Use dry grass, dried weeds, dried leaves, dried pieces of wood, sawdust, dried crop residues etc. in dry material.

  • Use green grass, green leaves, etc. in green material.

  • Use cow dung, buffalo, goat, horse, etc.

  • The ratio of dry ingredients, green materials and cow dung should be 9:6:3.

Method of preparation of Shivansh manure

  • First apply a layer of dry ingredients. After that add some water to it.

  • Apply a layer of green material on top of it. Again sprinkle some water over it.

  • Add the third layer of cow dung.

  • Repeat this process until the height of the pile is at least 4 feet.

  • Cover it well and leave it like this for 4 days.

  • After 4 days, mix it by turning it well. Cover it well after turning it.

  • Thereafter, turn the compost 6 to 7 times every 2 days.

  • After 18 days you will get high quality Shivansh compost ready.

  • This compost can be stored for 3 months in a dry and shady place.

How to use Shivansh Khad?

  • Plow the field by spraying it 3 days before transplanting plants or sowing seeds. With this, the mine will get evenly in the field.

  • If it is not used while preparing the field, then it can be used at the time of sowing also.

  • Apart from this, Shivansh manure can also be used in the standing crop.

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We hope that you will get more profit by using this fertilizer. If you found this information important, then like this post and also share it with other farmer friends. Ask us your questions related to this through comments. Stay connected with the countryside for other interesting information related to agriculture.

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