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Arhar: What to do for better crop production?

Arhar: What to do for better crop production?

लेखक - Dr. Pramod Murari | 28/6/2020

All the farmers want their crop yield to increase and they can get more profit. But sometimes this is not possible due to lack of information. In such a situation, if you are cultivating tur and want to increase the yield, then follow the measures given in this post.

  • The health of the seed is most important for a good harvest. Therefore, always use certified seeds of high quality for cultivation.

  • It is necessary to treat the seeds before sowing.

  • Per kg of seed should be treated with 2 gm Thiram and 1 gm Carbendazim.

  • Dry the treated seed thoroughly in the shade.

  • After this treat the seed with specific Rhizobium culture of pigeon pea.

  • It is also very important to use the right amount of manure at the right time for a good crop.

  • While preparing the field add 2 to 3 tonnes of decomposed cow dung per acre of land.

  • The use of compost manure instead of cow dung is also beneficial for the crops.

  • Depending on the soil test or per acre mix 8 to 12 kg of Nitrogen, 16 to 24 kg of Sphur and 8 to 12 kg of Potash.

  • If you are cultivating in an area where the soil is deficient in zinc, then before sowing, add about 8 kg zinc sulphate per acre of field.

  • Due to the abundance of weeds in the field, due to lack of proper nutrition to the crops, the yield decreases.

  • Keep the field free from weeds by weeding and hoeing from time to time.

  • Do not let the lack of moisture in the field at the time of branch formation, flowering and pod formation in arhar plants.

  • In case of excessive rainfall, make proper arrangement for drainage from the field.

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