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After harvesting wheat, there will be many benefits from deep plowing of the field

After harvesting wheat, there will be many benefits from deep plowing of the field

लेखक - Soumya Priyam | 1/5/2021

Many times, after harvesting wheat, farmers sow crops like moong, dhaincha etc. Cultivation of these crops helps in increasing the fertilizer capacity of the soil. But if you do not cultivate these crops, then after harvesting wheat and before sowing of paddy, do deep plowing of the field once. There are many benefits of leaving the field empty for a few days by doing deep plowing. Let us discuss in detail the benefits of deep plowing.

benefits of deep plowing

  • After the harvesting of wheat, even if no other crop is to be cultivated, the field should be plowed. Plow at least 12 inches deep for maximum benefits.

  • Plowing destroys the crop residues already present in the field.

  • Many weeds have long roots. It lives deep in the soil. Therefore it is difficult to control such weeds. This problem can be easily overcome by deep plowing.

  • Deep tillage is also helpful in reducing the incidence of many soil borne diseases, fungal diseases, and pests. After deep plowing, the fungi and insects present in the field are destroyed when exposed to strong sunlight.

  • The capacity of the soil to hold rain water increases. This also reduces the need for water during irrigation.

  • After deep plowing and keeping the field empty for a few days, the soil of the field becomes friable due to high temperature. This protects the crops in the event of drought.

  • Due to deep plowing, the manure used in the field gets mixed well in the soil.

  • Seed germination is easy in loamy soil.

  • Plant roots spread better.

  • Improves air circulation in the soil of the field.

We hope this information will prove to be important for you. If you liked this information, then like this post and also share it with other farmers. In which more and more farmer friends can take advantage of this information. Ask us your questions related to this through comments. Stay connected with the countryside for other interesting information related to agriculture.

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