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Praveen Baghwar

Praveen Baghwar

2 June 2021
SUNNHEMP CULTIVATION | सनई की खेती | SUNNHEMP GREEN MANURE | AGRONOMY | SANNAI KI KHETI | In this video we will discuss about sunnhemp crop, practices in sunnhemp Crop, sunnhemp as a green manure Crop, sunnhemp as a fiber crop, sunnhemp as a cover crop.. Instead of sunnhemp crop we will also discuss about mesta and ramie fiber crop.. SUNNHEMP CULTIVATION | SUNNHEMP CULTIVATION IN INDIA | SUNNHEMP CROP | SUNNHEMP GREEN MANURE CROP | SANNAI KI KHETI | SUNNHEMP FIBER CROP | SUNNHEMP COVER CROP | green manure | Agronomy | SUNNHEMP FOR CATTLE GRAZING | Sunnhemp Jute Crop production 👇 ________________________________ cotton crop production 👇 ________________________________ sugarcane crop production 👇j ________________________________ wheat crop production 👇 ________________________________ rice crop production 👇 ________________________________ maize crop production 👇 ________________________________ sorghum Crop production 👇 ________________________________ bajra Crop production 👇 ________________________________ barley crop production 👇 ________________________________ top 20 important questions of miner millets 👇 ________________________________ atmosphere composition and structure 👇 _________________________________ government and Private jobs after bsc Agriculture 👇 _________________________________ agronomy ICAR-JRF solved question paper 2019 👇 _________________________________ Agronomy ICAR-JRF solved question paper 2018 ( part-1)👇 thanks for watching....

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