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Arjun singh Rana

Arjun singh Rana

21 May 2021
नींबू के पौधे के लिए विशेष खाद//Special fertilizers for lemon plants and updates// "Special fertilizers for lemon plants and updates//नींबू के पौधे के लिए विशेष खाद " is a vidio in which you will see the updates of lemon plant"s fruiting and know about the special fertilizer to be applied if the plant does not produce flowers and fruits. Below is the link of my popular video about growing lemon in pot with a detailed grow and care tips. गमले में निम्बू की भरपूर पैदावार कैसे लें // How to grow plenty of lemons in pot //:- #keylime, #lemon, #citygardening

कृषि विशेषज्ञ से मुफ़्त सलाह के लिए हमें कॉल करें


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