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Ajay Kumar

Ajay Kumar

2 April 2021
How natural Rubber is Made from Trees | Rubber Harvesting and Processing | Rubber Tapping Method Natural rubber latex is traditionally converted into sheet form through careful coagulation and subsequent milling process on two roll mills. There are many types of sheet rubbers namely Ribbed smoked sheet rubber, Air-dried sheet tuber and sun-dried sheet rubber depending on the drying methodology used. Among them, Ribbed Smoked Sheet (RSS) has been the major form of raw rubber produced in Sri Lanka and Kerala. Practically entire volume of this grade of rubber is produced by small and medium scale rubber growers who own below 10 acres and between 10-50 acres respectively, scattered in the rubber growing districts in the country. This is mainly due to the simplicity and low cost of the processing machinery, easily adoptable processing technology, and the viability of the manufacturing process with any amount of latex. Let us see the unit operations of the manufacturing process of RSS which is given in this video. ___________________________________________ 0:00 Introduction 0:13 Rubber Farm / Rubber Plantation 0:43 Rubber tapping Process 3:36 Collecting Rubber Milk 6:20 Making of Formic Acid Solution 6:31 Rubber Sheet Making Process 10:08 Rubber Sheet marking 10:55 Rubber Sheet Drying 11:53 Rubber Sheet Storage ___________________________________________ Visit Our Website : SUBSCRIBE: Discover Agriculture YouTube Channel: EMAIL: FOLLOW US ON: Official Facebook Page: Official Instagram: Instagram: Facebook: Instagram: Facebook: ___________________________________________ How natural Rubber is Made from Trees | Rubber Harvesting and Processing | Rubber Tapping Method Tags: natural rubber, rubber harvesting, Asia agriculture, rubber farming, rubber farming in ghana, rubber farming in Philippines, rubber farming in Kerala, rubber farm, rubber harvesting machine, rubber production process, rubber processing, rubber processing factory, rubber making, rubber making factory, how rubber is made, how rubber is made from trees, how natural rubber is produced, rubber tapping, rubber tapping method, tapping rubber trees, tapping rubber, rubber, harvesting #RubberProcessing #RubberHarvesting #RubberTapping #RubberFarming #Agriculture #Farming #DiscoveryAgriculture

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