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Ankit Singh

Ankit Singh

5 July 2021
Professional Grafting and Pruning Tool | Amazing and Useful Garden Tool - Equipped with 3 Razor sharp grafting blades (Ω / U / V-shaped Cuts) for precise and perfect cutting of the fruit branches with diameters from 5-14 mm ( 0.2"-0.55"). - Grafting tool made with stainless steel shear blades, high-strength ABS plastic with SK5 double-edged cutting blades which guarantees more durability and long service time. - To ensure proper alignment by using the same blade for cutting both the scion and the stock, no additional trimming is required for the transplant and significantly improves the survival rate. - The pruning blade(1/8" thick) is ideal for cutting leaves, twigs, and stems without changing the tool make these grafting scissors more convenient and effort-saving. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- BUY this tool, 👇 (Professional Garden Fruit Tree Pruning Grafting Shears Grafting Tool 2 in 1 Scissors Cutting Tool Kit Set for Stem Vine Branch Twig Stock Plant) (Grafting Cutting Tool + 3 Blades) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Visit Our Website : SUBSCRIBE: Discover Agriculture YouTube Channel: EMAIL: FOLLOW US ON: Official Facebook Page: Official Instagram: Instagram: Facebook: Instagram: Facebook: ------------------------------------------------------------------------- grafting tool, how to grafting, plant grafting, grafting cutter, grafting techniques, grafting machine, professional grafting tool, grafting, grafting tool review, professional grafting cutting tool, professional grafting scissors, professional grafting, grafting scissors, grafting cutting tool, plant propagation, gardening, grafting tools in India, grafting tools and materials, grafting tool kit, grafting tool price in India, how to use grafting tool, pruning, pruning tool, best grafting tool #graftingtechnique #graftingtool #pruningtool #bestgraftingtool #graftingtechnology #graftingmangoes #graftingfruits #graftinglesson #graftinginformation #grafting_with_drill #graftingadenium #graftingmango #graftingmangotree #garden #gardening #SimplifyGardening

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