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Arjun Kumar Jaiswal

Arjun Kumar Jaiswal

25 June 2021
How To Plant Coconut Tree | Coconut Planting Method | How To Grow Coconut Coconut is propagated through seedlings raised from selected coconut seed nuts. Generally, 9 to 12-month-old seedlings are used for planting. Planting: Before planting the pits are filled up with topsoil and powdered cow dung/compost up to a depth of 50 to 60 cm. Then take a small pit inside this, so as to accommodate the nut attached to the seedling. Plant the seedling inside this pit and fill it up with soil. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- In this video: 0:00 introduction 0:13 how to plant coconut 0:21 site selection 1:12 land preparation 3:43 preparing land for planting coconut 4:25 coconut pit size 4:49 bed preparation 6:38 adding organic compost /manuring 7:04 coconut planting 8:09 result after coconut planting ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Visit Our Website : SUBSCRIBE: Discover Agriculture YouTube Channel: EMAIL: FOLLOW US ON: Official Facebook Page: Official Instagram: Instagram: Facebook: Instagram: Facebook: ------------------------------------------------------------------------- #coconuttree #coconuttreeplanting #growcoconut #coconutbonsai #coconutshellcraft #coconutcake #coconutfarmland #coconutfruit #coconutforskinwhitening #coconutfarming #coconutgrafting #coconutgarden #coconutoil #dwarfcoconut #coconutwater #coconuthybridplant #coconuthighyielding #coconutindia #coconutleaf #coconutnursery #coconutproductiontip #coconuttreecultivation #coconut #coconutplant #howtogrowcoconut

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