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Abhishek Malik

Abhishek Malik

18 June 2021
Dragon Fruit Farming in India | Dragon Fruit Cultivation | A Complete Guide for Beginners In recent years, Dragon Fruit has been a growing market in India with many farmers now trying their hands at this new crop. The fruit is usually grown in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Israel, and Vietnam but is now slowly gaining traction in India. In the recent past, many people are looking towards exotic fruits while having their fruit meals. Among the famous exotic fruits like pear, peach, kiwi, green apple and others which are commonly preferred by most of the people. But nowadays, the Dragon fruit has been imported in India and commercially grown in India as the Indian climatic conditions are highly favorable for their cultivation. It has been introduced into India from Vietnam. However, many farmers and entrepreneurs are looking towards Dragon fruit farming as it is giving a lot of income returns to the growers. BNR Exotics develops a variety of fruits like Dragon fruit, Papaya, Banana, and Avocado. They produce all kind of fruits and saplings to get a better yield to help farmers WhatsApp: +91 79819 99362 Email: Website: YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: 0:00 Introduction 1:33 Varieties of Dragon Fruit 6:24 Investment Profit in Dragon Fruit Farming 7:34 Land preparation in Dragon Fruit Farming 7:55 Dragon fruit Planting Method 8:14 Fertilizers required in Dragon Fruit Farming 9:14 Irrigation in Dragon Fruit Cultivation 9:48 Inorganic fertilizers in Dragon Fruit Farming 10:43 How to choose Dragon Fruit Plants 13:06 Pests & Diseases in Dragon Fruit Farming 16:29 Dragon Fruit Harvesting 16:45 Post Harvest Management 17:04 Dragon Fruit Marketing 19:31 Dragon Fruit Production Process 20:40 Dragon Fruit Yield 22:00 Cost & Profit in Dragon Fruit Farming Join this channel to get access to perks: ___________________________________________ Visit Our Website : SUBSCRIBE: Discover Agriculture YouTube Channel: EMAIL: FOLLOW US ON: Official Facebook Page: Official Instagram: Instagram: Facebook: Instagram: Facebook: Dragon Fruit Farming in India | Dragon Fruit Cultivation | A Complete Guide for Beginners Tags: dragon fruit, dragon fruit farming, dragon fruit farming in India, dragon fruit farming Philippines, dragon fruit farming Vietnam, dragon fruit cultivation, dragon fruit cultivation in India, dragon fruit plant, dragon fruit farming guide, dragon fruit cultivation guide, dragon fruit farm, fruit farming in India, fruit farming, fruit cultivation, fruit cultivation in India, pitaya fruit, pitaya dragon fruit, pitaya, pitaya fruit plant, pitaya fruit farming, pitaya fruit farm #DragonFruit #DragonFruitFarming #DragonFruitCultivation #FarmDesign #Agriculture #Farming #DiscoverAgriculture

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